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Thank you for your interest in being an Athletics Volunteer with Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska. As a THANK YOU for your hard work as a volunteer coach Boys & Girls Clubs Alaska is offering FREE REGISTRATION for the child of all volunteer coaches. Please indicate what sport and age division you intend to coach in the "Special Requests/Considerations" section of the Volunteer Registration Application.

*Please note that this free registration will come in the form of a full refund after a successful completion of all required steps: 

Child Safety is our top priority.  As such, we ask that you complete a few steps before you are able to begin working directly with youth.  

1) You’ll be receiving an email from Veri-Screen.  This is your background check authorization.

2) Submit two personal references.  Send the form attached below to two personal reference and ask them to complete & email it to

3) Complete the State of Alaska Mandatory Reporter training.  Email your completion certificate to  A link to the training is HERE.

4) Attend Pre-season Coaches’ meeting to be briefed on Safety Policies and Emergency Procedures.  Tentative date for Spring Sports meeting is March 21.  The meeting will be conducted via Zoom.

5) Provide your current CPR/First Aid certification, OR, if you are not currently certified, Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska is happy to certify you free of charge.  Email if you would like to be added to our next CPR/First Aid class.


To begin the application process, please complete the Athletics Volunteer Application on the following pages. Upon completion, you'll receive a separate e-mail from VeriScreen, a company that runs background checks, to complete your background check as part of a Coach's on boarding process. Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska cannot move forward until the background check has been completed. 


Please Note: The Criminal Background Check generally takes 24-48 hours to complete and Athletics Volunteers will NOT be allowed to work directly with Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska Members until approved. 


Being a Coach is like being a musician. Your philosophy, your style comes a lot form your influences and how those influences are interpreted. Some might believe players, especially younger players, should not be coached, but allowed to develop by themselves; other coaches might believe players should be nurtured carefully from an early age to avoid the development of bad habits and particular weaknesses. 


A Coach's view (or personal philosophy) is based on how he/she learned to play the game, on his/her present knowledge and his/her future expectations. A coaching philosophy is affected by the Coach's beliefs, attitudes, and motives. These factors influence the reasons for someone wanting to coach and provide the perennial, moral, and ethical princiciples that guide his/her coaching. 


With that, to gain the respect of players (and parents) and take reasonable care of them, Coaches need to prepare and organize themselves thoroughly in order to organize their teams effectively and safely. 


Therefore the role of a Coach with the Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska goes well beyond that of a skilled and knowledgable technician of the sport who is seeking to help players learn and improve in the game. Coaches might be called upon to as a fitness trainer, a social worker, a motivator, a disciplinarian, a friend, a parent figure, a journalist, a mentor, a manager, a fundraiser, and an administrator as well as many other roles. 


For some of these roles, it is important to know the Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska Athletics Staff is a valuable resource when seeking more expert support for yourself and your players e.g. when evidence of physical abuse is disclosed to you or where a player might be experiencing financial hardship. 


Coaches are also usually held in high esteem by players (and parents) and are important role models for children. The Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska Athletics Department expects its Coaches to display high personal standards of appearance, behavior, and organization. Most importantly, Coaches should accept responsibility for the conduct of their players and encourage positive, nondiscriminatory behavior consistent with our Athletics Codes of Conduct.


Please direct questions to:

Boys & Girls Clubs - Alaska Athletics

Phone: 907-249-5445